National standard of the French Surf Federation
for the resumption of « Surf » activities


The Aloha surf school adapts and organizes itself to receive you in accordance with the health rules in force, and the recommendations issued by the French Surf Federation.

Recommendations for public reception

Course schedule:
The principle is to avoid the regrouping of people in the structures and to favor an operation outside its premises.

– Use a remote reservation system for the establishment of a precise schedule, and the collection of information to prepare the material (sizes, wetsuit, boards, level).
– Use online payment to avoid interactions, or by contactless.
– Plan a gap between each lesson to avoid the crossing (overcrowding of reception, changing rooms, parking, etc.) between leaving and entering.
– Establishment of a differentiated circuit.

To home

– Wearing a mask compulsory for welcoming staff.
– Hydro alcoholic gel available.
– Plexiglass protection on the counter isolating the staff.
– Disinfection of the TPE after each transaction.
– Twice daily disinfection of the counter.
– 1 guide (for minors).
– Display of emergency numbers and what to do in the event of symptoms.

In the places :

– General safety rules applied before and after each session.
– Implementation of measures for signaling spaces and signaling safety distances in the premises.
– Establishment of areas reserved for staff, prohibited from public access.
– Systematic disinfection of all parts of the club used.
– Access not recommended for any person whose presence is not essential for the activity (except for the accompaniment of a minor by a person). In the locker rooms Only the areas essential for practice are open.
– Recommendation to keep the changing rooms closed and inaccessible, favoring the equipment phase outside.
– Mandatory distance between the trainees during the equipment.

Equipment and material:

The material provided must not be vector of the virus.
After each use, use a suitable cleaning and disinfectant bath for all the elements:

– Individual equipment (wetsuits, lycra and slippers, life jacket / flotation device for Stand Up).
– Boards and accessories (leash, .., paddles for Stand Up).
– Handling of combinations only by the staff of the structure.
– Swim brief or personal swimsuit required under the wetsuit.
– Towel or personal poncho to be provided. Whenever possible, favor the personal combination to the loan of this one.

Educational act:

– Compulsory distance between the trainees (2 meters) especially during explanations and transmissions of instructions on the sand or the shore.
– Explanations as quickly as possible, focusing on this phase in the water.
– Respect of safety distances between the supervisor and the trainee when giving instructions. No physical contact between instructor / student to help correct movement (except in emergencies).
– The equipment used for demonstration must not be the one made available.
– Reminder: the number of trainees is limited to 8 per instructor, regardless of the level of practice. This number is a maximum and may be reduced if necessary.

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